Security solutions for Commerce / Large Industry

Soluciones de seguridad - Protección de andamios

Scaffolding Protection

Our alarm systems are placed in the structure of the scaffolding to dissuade an intruder from accessing the homes, ensuring its protection with the maximum guarantee.

Upon detecting the presence of the intruder, a siren will sound, frustrating the intruder’s intentions and alerting both the building itself and the adjoining ones.

Soluciones de seguridad - videoanálisis y protección perimetral

Video Analysis and Perimeter Protection

Perimeter intrusion detection is carried out, as its name suggests, on the perimeter of the home or plot. The main means are analyzed below. Normally we will refer to electronic means of detection, which can be complemented with dissuasive elements (optical and acoustic indicators, lighting, etc.) or CCTV systems.

Soluciones de seguridad - Sistemas de alarma

Anti-Intrusion Alarms

Anti-intrusion systems have the function of warning, by various means, of the entry of intruders in a certain perimeter, whether in a home, an office, an industrial warehouse, etc.

Soluciones de seguridad - Cámaras CCTV

CCTV cameras

CCTVs are customized to suit the nature and security needs of each client. The ideal CCTV system should provide good quality images day and night, and should be easy to use and flexible, to record images to serve as useful evidence and help analyze incidents. If the images do not have quality, then it will be of little use. If the images do not have quality, then it will be of little use.


Fire Detection and Extinction

An automatic fire detection system is made up of elements capable of detecting the fire without human intervention, emitting a signal that activates the alarm so that the occupants of the facilities have time to evacuate and thus avoid personal injury.

Our official registration number is RECI 005003331

Soluciones de seguridad - Control presencial


Control Attendance control systems, made up of a device and software, allow employees to control and manage the hours worked. It is the most effective way to know the time compliance of workers. These control systems help us to compare the theoretical schedule with the real one, allowing us to explain the causes for which the schedule breaches have occurred (labour incidents).

Anti-Theft Barrier

When analyzing the profitability of a business, we generally look at sales and revenue, forgetting another part of the essential equation: shrinkage, which is the main cause of inventory differences and directly affects the balance sheet. results.


CSI Seguridad - Alarmas técnicas

Technical alarms

A technical alarm is designed to detect breakdowns, anomalies or failures in any of our company’s facilities or in the operation of machinery. Some examples would be:

  • Animal farms
  • Animal feeders
  • Food industry
Soluciones de seguridad - protección incedios

Signaling Emergency Plans

Emergency and evacuation signals to increase worker safety and comfort. Evacuation routes and emergency exits, as well as security installations, photoluminescent.

Soluciones de seguridad - control de aforos

Capacity Control

Intelligent control systems for companies, office buildings, official institutions, gyms, nightclubs, etc. There are several types:

  • Code system
  • Footprint system
  • Iris system
  • Card readers
  • Access barriers

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